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Cost Management Solution 
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Cost modeling and Activity-based budgeting 
Performance Management Framework 
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Our 10-Star Strategy for Implementing Performance Management

Cortell Health has purpose built this Performance Management system for Hospitals. We have also developed a 10-Star Strategy approach for hospitals to implement performance management.

The solution can be implemented in phases depending on the needs of the hospital but lends itself to be deployed as a comprehensive roadmap to deploying performance management in all facets of the hospital.

Contact us for a discussion on how we can make Performance Management work in your hospital and receive a White Paper on Performance Management in Hospitals and our 10-Star Strategy or download an IntelliMax brochure.

"Healthcare reform must start with Cost Containment" - Carl Doty, Forrester Research, Healthcare Finance News, Jan/Feb 09

Featured Customer
Mercy Ascot Hospital
"We use IntelliMax to assist us in reviewing our prices including our contracts with Insurance companies and also to have a better understanding of the costs of our products and services."
Robert Taylor, CFO, Mercy-Ascot Hospitals, Auckland, New Zealand
Mercy Ascot Hospital Logo

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