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Mercy Ascot Hospital
"We use IntelliMax to assist us in reviewing our prices including our contracts with Insurance companies and also to have a better understanding of the costs of our products and services."
Robert Taylor, CFO, Mercy-Ascot Hospitals, Auckland, New Zealand
Mercy Ascot Hospital Logo

Cortell Health empowers hospitals to attain and maintain improved financial performance while providing exceptional clinical results utilizing activity based costing and business intelligence.

Our powerful, activity based costing management system tracks all costs associated with the care for each patient.  Our business intelligence solution provides the actionable information hospitals require to make informed financial and clinical decisions – based on the deep content captured in the cost management system. Combined, these two solutions provide deep insight into the balance and consequences of care and costs; the ability to meet financial objectives without sacrificing outcomes. IntelliMax is a true Patient Level Information and Costing System (PLICS) providing insight into every single patient visit and event and also providing a full patient history.

Cortell Health's Performance Management Framework enables hospitals to integrate financial and clinical objectives.  The Performance Management Framework is comprised of our cost management and business intelligent solutions deployed around our products IntelliMax and ValuMax.

IntelliMax is a patient-level business intelligence product designed specifically for hospitals utilizing the Cortell Health Performance Management Framework. It combines Activity Based Costing and Business Intelligence to deliver a state of the art Performance and Profitability Management solution for hospitals, helping hospital managers to provide more cost effective healthcare and optimization of resources.

IntelliMax puts information in the hands of decision makers to analyze costs, identify waste and measure shifts in profitability and performance by focusing on DRGs and patients.

ValuMax is an activity-based costing system that integrates with IntelliMax to capture the costs of hospital  products and services. This activity based costing system facilitates total cost management in its truest sense.


"Outside of health care, the use of ABC has led managers in many organizations to reverse their thinking regarding which of their products are the most profitable. It is likely that similar conclusions would be reached in a hospital that undertakes an ABC effort. Indeed, in an era of shrinking resources for health care and intense negotiations between payers and providers, a hospital that does not have an ABC system could be putting its financial viability at considerable risk". - The Folly of Using RCCs and RVUs for Intermediate Product Costing, HFMA Magazine, April 2007, David W. Young



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